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How Real Estate Attorney can help you in property Disputes?

Real estate law is a very complex area that not all lawyers know. Whether you are buying a house or trying to sell a plot of land, or you simply need to solve an adjacency problem, the assistance of an experienced lawyer is important to ensure that your interests are being protected.

A Civil Lawyer can have several fields of action. However, the vast majority of civil lawyers specialize in a specific area such as family conflicts. Real Estate attorney in Albuquerque NM can give you solution to the following matters: 

Civil Recruitment

In these cases the lawyers are specialized in defending the rights of breaches of contracts, sale, evictions, loans, bond and guarantees.

 For example, an eviction lawyer helps you drive a tenant who does not pay at a home or premises. According to the laws, non-payment of a rental is a cause that must be resolved within a housing lease contract and that merits initiating an eviction procedure.

 Inheritance and Successions

Lawyers specialized in Inheritance offer advice on all the procedures required to carry out an inheritance and write a will, be it opens, closed, etc. Also, they help resolve conflicts when there is no will or to disinherit a person from it.

 Some of the most recurring causes are:

  • Impericia: when a professional cannot interpret the symptoms correctly and does not make a good diagnosis. It may also be when an intervention is performed by a professional with little training. 
  • Error in diagnosis: An error in a diagnosis can be fatal because it can cause you not to receive adequate treatment. Occasionally, these cases can cause damage and squeal. 
  • Lack of consent: At all times the risks that have a treatment or an intervention must be informed. In all cases, a sheet must be signed as informed of the consequences.
  • Recklessness: Recklessness is caused when a doctor trusts and acts recklessly.

On these occasions, and others, you can use a Civil Lawyer specialized in Health Law to claim compensation for the damages caused.

Family right

 The lawyers specialized in Family Law are professional experts in providing legal support and advice in sensitive family matters that have a personal impact. There are different cases in which they intervene:

  • Marriage, divorce and separation
  • Liquidation of property or separation of assets
  • Domestic, physical or psychological violence
  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Adoption

 Banking and Mortgage

The Mortgage lawyers are responsible for advising on many issues related to the Mortgage Law. Its objective is to regulate the transition, modification, acquisition and extinction of real rights over real estate.

 A mortgage lawyer is also responsible for organizing the rules of the Land Registry. In addition, it covers all legal and regulatory aspects of the sector. Some of the services that these lawyers do are:

  • Bank contracts: Review of all contracts with financial institutions to protect the interests of customers.
  • Banking conflicts: They are responsible for reviewing all the clauses applied by a bank. 
  • Foreclosures, mortgages and debts: Mortgage attorneys are responsible for offering legal assistance in foreclosure proceedings and extrajudicial negotiations. 

Traffic accidents 

Civil lawyers are also responsible for assisting in compensation procedures when a traffic accident has been suffered. 

 These calculate the corresponding compensation using the Scale and a series of factors such as temporary disability, the assessment of squeal, permanent disability and economic damages. 

Once the compensation is calculated, if there is no agreement with the insurer, they help you claim through judicial or extrajudicial means.

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