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In the last year and leading into this year, marijuana has dominated the press. So much so that even if you do not use marijuana you know that Michigan has legalized marijuana for recreational use. The recent passage of this has driven the popularity of marijuana through the roof. People from all walks of life view this as a business opportunity and are vying to get in on the business. Marijuana is expected to become a multi billion dollar market, so the interest in marijuana is not unfounded. Many people are interested in getting involved in the retail side of the business with retail marijuana shops. However this article will focus on marijuana grow businesses and their under realized value in this new market.

Why outdoor cannabis growing has more importance than indoor growing

outdoor cannabis growing

Growing cannabis can be a rewarding experience both financially and leisurally. However, it may also become an expensive, challenging and frustrating endeavor. People who grow medical marijuana for the first time with lean resources may have to spend a lot of money if they plan on growing indoors. What’s exciting is that a small outdoor space could result in a lot of good quality cannabis without huge investments. Anyone who has sunny areas in their balcony, private yard, rooftop, or terrace can grow marijuana successfully. However, the lack of ability to control variables such as temperature, bugs, weather, light amount, and more make outdoor grows risky. Additionally, the fact that we live in a state known for its long and cold winters makes outdoor grows viable for a crop or two max. So cannabis entrepreneurs who are looking to make growing their main source of income will either have to shell out the money for an indoor grow or deal with the reduced dividends.

Growing medicinal marijuana – a rewarding business form

These days, medical marijuana has opened new doors for the nation’s commercial real estate zone. The legalization of cannabis recreationally in Michigan will also open new doors in the real estate world. People are already trying to lockdown their spots in the current market for marijuana businesses in Michigan’s recreational market. The real estate market now is flooded with properties that used to be relatively cheap and are now fetching or asking for a pretty penny because they can be used as marijuan facilities. Hence, the commercial cannabis real estate market has become a priority business in recent days.

The commercial real estate market is dictated and fluctuating based on newcomers or expanding business owners looking for commercial spaces to harbour their cannabis facilities. Growing medical marijuana has already fueled a push for properly zoned and maintained real estate and will continue to do so even with recreational legalization. It is expected that in the first two years of legalization the laws governing placement of marijuana facilities will closely resemble the rules already in place under the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). Additionally, as bigger and bigger corporate players enter the marijuana playing field prices for property zoned properly will only increase. However, there are still very good opportunities and good commercial real estate available for those who wish to start their own marijuana grow facilities.

What you need to about marijuana growing supplies

marijuana growing supplies

There are several ways for growing Cannabis indoors. Let us have a look at the hydroponic growing procedure and the required cannabis growing supplies. It is a well-known fact that hydroponic growing is a very famous method of growing medicinal marijuana. There are numerous reasons behind this. First, hydroponic marijuana grow operations are said to have the following benefits: Production speed, increased yields, and higher quality marijuana. While hydroponic grow operations are increasing in popularity they are very expensive and require the assistance of professionals for installation and maintenance. These factors may make it very difficult for a new cannabis entrepreneur to enter choose this type of system.

For people who are starting out cannabis business need to what growing supplies to use. They also need to know about the most important tools, equipment and other related products for growing cannabis on commercial properties. If you choose to grow cannabis using the hydroponic system, there are various techniques like aeroponics, Nutrient Film Technique, Drip, Ebb & Flow and Deep Water Culture. Any of these techniques can be used for growing medical marijuana. However, the grower can opt for the ones that are best suited to their investments, abilities, time limitations, and growing environment. There are several other things to consider while growing cannabis. So, business owners should get in touch with marijuana growth suppliers and experienced growers to find out what they need for successful cannabis growth.

What kind of equipment is required for growing cannabis?

People who are willing to grow medical marijuana indoors, will need the majority of the things contained on the list below. Some of them can include:

  • Municipally Permitted Real Estate Property
  • Liner or Tent
  • Grow Light
  • Extraction Fan
  • Carbon Filter
  • Ducting
  • Circulating Fan
  • Pots/Beds
  • Grow medium and
  • Filtered Water

Let’s breakdown these items to see how they affect the grow process and why they are necessary for successful marijuana grow operations. A liner or tent is usually a reflective film used to maximize the amount of light that is reflected onto the plants. A tent insulates the plant from not only other light sources but also other conditions, if the plant is not grown in a renovated area. The best possible way to take care of these two things is making use of a liner or tent. Apart from this, we also need containers for growing cannabis in. We can make use of planter beds, totes, buckets, fabric pots, or plastic pots. We just to make sure we have containers to grow our plants in. If you are planning to grow in soil, you need to make sure the containers are big enough to house fully grown plants and may even want to explore using different size containers as the plants grow in size.

In order to avoid the skunky smell that is associated with blooming marijuana plants, carbon filters should be installed. In most municipalities that allow marijuana facilities there are strict rules regarding the emission of odors from your facility. As such filters will be required in most all types of operations specifically grow operations. Since it is very important equipment, it is always best to opt for reputed brands. These are just a few things that are necessary to any successful grow facility.

Grow lights for cannabis – how and what to choose?

Grow lights for cannabis

Since we are looking growing cannabis indoors, people would need cannabis growing lights to compensate for the sunlight. There are various options available on the market. Choosing to grow lights is a process that involves several aspects such as space, budget, power limitations and growth goals. Fortunately, the lighting technology for cannabis growing has seen tremendous improvements in the last few years, as a result of which, cannabis entrepreneurs have numerous options to choose from. Some of the options include:

  • DE
  • LED
  • CMH
  • HPS

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing marijuana grow lights. They are:

  • Bulb lifespan
  • Energy consumption
  • Room height
  • Light spectrum
  • Budget and a lot more.

For a detailed view on the aforesaid aspects, marijuana business owners would be wise to consult with marijuana grow suppliers and experienced growers to make sure they are as well informed as possible and as ready as possible to be successful on their first attempt.

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