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At Michigan Cannabis Properties, we have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with all their real estate needs as it relates to the sale and acquisition of properties that are capable of development into cannabis businesses.

Our experienced team of cannabis real estate professionals at Michigan Cannabis Properties have years of experience in the real estate and business legal areas of the cannabis industry. This knowledge about the cannabis industry helps us know which properties are most suitable for your cannabis business.

Do not hesitate to reach out to one of our cannabis real estate professionals for any of your cannabis property needs.

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At Michigan Cannabis Properties we have access to some of the best cannabis real estate properties in Michigan. If you are looking to buy or rent a property to develop a cannabis business, feel free to browse our property list. If you own a property that you would like to rent or sell, contact us immediately to have your cannabis real estate added to our real estate directory.

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Marijuana Real Estate: Interest, Acquisition, and Competition

Marijuana Real Estate: Interest, Acquisition, and Competition

Acquire, Develop and Lease Cannabis Properties The legalization of cannabis has changed the social attitude towards the industry. The industry has been gaining support, and there is increased demand in the market for real estate. Business owners are...

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5 Steps to start a cannabis business in Michigan

5 Steps to start a cannabis business in Michigan

Marijuana was recently legalized in Michigan, and we are still about 12 months from having any recreational marijuana facilities in the state. By legalizing marijuana for recreational use, Michigan joins 10 other states and the District of Columbia as the...

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Finding the right location for your cannabis business can be very tricky especially if you are new to this business. It requires a good amount of research and some knowledge about city layouts. Today we are going to look at how we can find the best...

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Cannabis Property Services

Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Are you the owner of a property with cannabis licensure? Let us handle the whole operation – Marketing, screening tenants and buyers, the final phase and more. Call us now and one of our cannabis real estate expert will get you started right away.

Local Legislation Consulting

Whether you are selling, renting or buying a cannabis property, it is crucial to understand your rights. Cannabis real estate and alternative businesses encompass a wide array of laws that people may have never heard or thought before. They will likely be confused about the same. Our expert researchers can handle them for you, as they spend the entire day to keep themselves updated about the changes in the industry.

Owner Operator Acquisition

There are many upsides to owning the building that you operate your business out of. From potential tax benefits, to the security of a permanent location, it can be a very strategic move to purchase the property. We can help you with everything from negotiating a purchase agreement with your current landlord, to finding a new location, and coordinating the purchasing process with local and state approvals.

Investment Property

Whether you are a new investor or established real estate mogul, marijuana real estate can be a very strategic addition to your portfolio. We can guide you through the nuances of participating in the state legal cannabis real estate market, and help identify the feasibility of investment property in multiple market scenarios.

Property Management

Managing a cannabis related tenant comes with unique challenges that aren’t typically found in other industries. From the most basic scenarios, like collecting rent in the form of cash, to the more complicated pieces, like maintaining compliance in a highly regulated environment, it is important to work with a team experienced in the industry.

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Michigan Cannabis Properties’s mission to help wannabe and existing cannabis business owners and cannabis property owners with everything they need – right from finding the best cannabis property buying, selling or leasing cannabis properties, financing for different industry-related operations and so. Feel free to give us a call, send an email or text, we are always there for you.




Michigan Cannabis Properties is the premier cannabis real estate directory. Our cannabis real estate professionals empower cannabis business owners and prospective owners, with knowledge, data, and familiarity with the cannabis industry. Please look through our listings to find premier properties ideally located for your cannabis business needs.

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Are you new to the cannabis real estate business? Have your rented, sold, or bought properties for use in the cannabis industry? Our cannabis real estate professionals have plenty of experience with buying, selling, and renting properties ready to be used in the cannabis industry. Let us take care of all your listing needs. Michigan Cannabis Properties will ensure that your property gets the exposure it deserves.

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At Michigan Cannabis Properties, we assist our clients with securing financing to match their needs. We connect our clients with financing companies that can adequately assess your financial needs. Michigan Cannabis Properties can facilitate the entire financing arrangement. We specialize in helping our clients obtain financing for any needs they may have, associated with getting their cannabis business started. Let us help you today!

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